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Basic Philosophy

Okinawa University Philosophy


Okinawa University was established in 1961, with Okinawa Junior College, founded in 1958, as its precursor. In 1978, over the period of its inception and through the difficult times of Okinawa’s reversion to Japan, Okinawa University inaugurated its fundamental philosophy of “An open university firmly rooted in the community, learning and coexisting with the community.” Since then Okinawa University has aimed to be an institute of higher learning and research, indispensable to its society through various innovative efforts over the years.

The New Declaration of Okinawa University
~Advancing toward a university actively participating in the development of the community and its future〜

Today, in celebrating its 50th anniversary of establishment, Okinawa University affirms its new declaration of its philosophy of “Advancing toward a university actively participating in the development of the community and its future,” and commits to pursuing the following three goals.

1.The Co-Development Hub for the Citizens of the World and the Community

①The hub of integrated knowledge and learning for citizens of the world
②The hub of community education for citizens of the community

2.Education Research to Contribute to the Environment of the Earth and Community

①Practical education focusing on the global environment
②Research and advocacy on the community environment

3.Innovative Changes toward a University Education Nurturing the Ability to Co-create

①Development of a “universal” university
②Cultivate the abilities of co-creation as magnetic powers of mankind
③Establishment of a learning environment lead by students

Okinawa University will devote daily efforts towards realizing the above three goals and work towards co-creation of the community and its future. Through these efforts Okinawa University will further aim for advanced development.